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Our very own flavour, natural flavour

LEARNAbout our history

Opened in 1999, OLA SAGARDOTEGIA is located in an ancient 13th century forge going by the name of Arantzateko Burniola, restored by the Bengoetxea family to become today’s cider house.


ElTxotx Cider house


With a capacity of 250 guests, the cider house stands in the ancient forge installations, dating back to the 13th century. After spectacular restoration work by the Bengoetxea family, you’ll come across fairy-tale spots such as the moat, setting for one of the kupelas, or barrels.

Cider house season from January to the end of May..

Cider house

RestaurantOUR MENU



At our Grillhouse-restaurant you can tuck into traditional Basque dishes made with locally-sourced produce.

Restaurant open from June to mid December.




Every year we make more than 80,000 litres of cider with apples harvested from our own apple trees.

Our Cider