Meaka Auzoa 102, 20305 Irún, Gipuzkoa + 34 943 62 31 30



The Ola Cider House opened in 1999. Located in a former 13th century forge known as the Arantzateko Burniola, the building was recovered by the Bengoetxea family to make it into today’s cider house. Its spectacular original walls, still standing today are well worth a look.

The cider house’s spectacular natural surroundings, and the magnificent Basque-speaking atmosphere, are the perfect excuse for numerous families and groups of friends to come and spend the day with us.
We can also organise christenings, communions, wedding banquets and farewell parties.
Outside the cider house, we have a fronton court for playing Basque pelota and a children’s playground.
We also have a large car park for use by clients.


Iñaki Bengoetxea, Segalari, champion of the Basque Country on repeated occasions for his skill at the Basque rural sport consisting of cutting most grass with a scythe in the shortest time, is a great enthusiast and promotor of Basque culture and traditions. Every year several cultural and gastronomic events are organised at the cider house, ranging from Opening of the Txotx season in mid-January, to Sagar Eguna (Apple Day) on the last Sunday in September, with the Bertso Afaria (with improvisers of Basque verse) on the last Saturday in April and Kantu Afaria (with Basque singers) on the last Saturday in May in between. A pelota championship for children is also organised mid-August.